Assassin’s Heart

Assassin’s Heart by Sarah Ahiers

5/5 Stars


Β In a Kingdom called Lovero it’s okay to be an assassin. In fact, there are 9 families of assassins living there and u can hire any member of them to kill for you. It’s not as monstrous as it sounds because there’s a story behind why they do it and there are laws that restrict them from going too far. In a life like that rivalry doesn’t have any boundaries so when our main 17 years old heroine wakes up and find her house in flames and her family members murdered we can only blame one other family and that’s the Da Vias. How did our main heroine not see this coming you’re all wondering, well because she’s too busy smooching the Da Vias son who’s one fine piece of a man. But now it’s time for the Da Vias to pay back for what they did

There’s a deep meaning behind this story and I actually miss that, many authors are too focused on creating a story to the point where they forget to add morals to it πŸ™„ anyway this book is really interesting and the love story in it will turn you into putty ❀️ I kept on imagining and thinking about how would my family function if we were all assassins .. That’d be really interesting


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