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Are you one of those people who try to update their goodreads challenge at the end of the year and they’re totally lost and confused on whatever they have read this book THIS year or the year before that? i don’t know about you but that’s totally me. This year i decided to put an end to that problem by doing TWO things .. first thing is to update my goodreads after finishing each book. The second thing is to get a book journal and write down my thoughts and review of the book.

I’m proud to say that so far I’ve stuck to doing that with the help of three different book journals and i thought i’d try to help others who have a very Dory brain like mine by sharing the three different types of journals that I’ve been using.

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Starting with the biggest journal that i own. I got this journal from an english shop called Paperchase and they have some really cute stuff in there. However, the size of this book journal is actually big .. its 116x210x17mm which is basically an american paperback length but the width is about a book and a half, totally nailed the measurements right?

This Journal contains 160 pages and its divided into two sections, the first section is the “Books to Read/Books borrowed-lent” which is really useful for people who tend to borrow books from libraries so they could keep track of them.

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The second section is the “Book Reviews” section .. and that’s obviously for writing down your review.

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What i really like about this journal is that i get a very wide and lengthy space to write one of my very long reviews, you know some books just fill you up with words and you gotta vomit them after you’re done reading those books (sorry for being gross!). it also has an expanding pocket at the end of it for bookmarks and notes.

If you’re interested it in this journal  you can get it from here.


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The second journal is personally my favorite one and its called “Reading journal” by Potter Style. it’s a medium sized journal and it can fit into many handbags, the exact size is 5.80(w) x 6.84(h) x 0.66(d). It has 160 pages and its filled with many things.


As you can see the reviewing pages have the title at the top and many things underneath it to fill in that are really helpful. i specially love to fill in those stars because it’s fun! and the size of the pages are very convenient.

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Also after every 5 reviewing pages you come across those fun pages that you fill in. For example, in here it’s the reading tree, there’s also a literary superlatives and many more that are simply awesome and the fun thing about those is that they feel like a treat for you after reviewing 5 whole books. There are also more things at the end of the journal that i forgot to take pictures of and they’re basically lists of suggestions that are helpful to inspire you to read, your own list of books to read, author talks, borrowing and loaning records and book source address book at theeeee very end. Told ya it’s a full journal .. and you can get it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or even Book Depository

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The third and final journal is the “what i read” journal that is also by Potter Style. i got this journal from a subscription box called Owlcrate and i totally fell in love with it because its very handy and small. Its 4.1 x 0.5 x 5.1 inches which is about the whole size of my nephews hand. There are only 128 pages in this journal.

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However, you don’t get two pages for every review like the other journals. There are some quotes inserted in every couple of pages and there also some pages that you fill in with your favorite quotes and things like that. This journal is very light-weight and i love taking it with me for when I’m traveling but bear in mind that it’s small and sometimes you can only fit in some bullet points and not the whole review .



I really hope that my post was helpful to you and if you see something that i own and you want me to review it feel free to comment that in here or on Instagram  I’d be happy to do so.


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