Glass Sword

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard

4/5 Stars

IMG_0940There isn’t much to say without spoiling the book specially since it’s the second book of the series 😢 but I got into this book thinking that it’ll take me 5 days to finish it because let’s face it I was all happy and giddy about her being turned into a princess and living in a palace with two gorgeous princes and I’m not ready to face a rebellion or whatever Mare intends to do in Glass Sword but boy was I proven wrong .. I finished the book the in 2 days and I got so into it that I could have even finished it earlier because it was exciting and gripping.

Now ⚠️ Spoiler Alert ⚠️ lets talk more about this book … At the beginning I didn’t understand why Mare is fighting what she feels toward Cal because he’s lonely right now and he needs her yet she’s like “No distractions whatsoever” it might be a distraction to u but I feel like it’s something els to Cal πŸ™„ we have many new characters that are introduced in this book and we got to know more about some characters like Shade, he’s such a good brother and he’s always looking out for Mare and I really liked him but his character starts drifting away after a couple of chapters and next thing you know he’s dead .. It was sad but a part of me saw it coming, it was either Shade or Kilron βš” I loved the newbloods like I was excited to know more about them and to see what they can do and then Cameron shows up and she’s being so annoying to the point where Mare was like Bitch I’ll show u what I can do and I’m like MARE THIS IS EXACTLY HOW I FEEL ABOUT YOU THROUGH THIS WHOLE BOOK because she’s so whiny and annoying and I understand that she “can’t” trust anybody but she’s CHOOSING not to trust anybody specially that many of them have proven that they’re trustworthy! She hates Maven but she loves Maven .. That is actually confusing because I didn’t feel like she actually loved Maven in the first book to begin with, he was like someone who she pitied and I don’t know but I feel like it was pretty clear that Cal is the one who she loves and in this book I’m not so sure about that but in the end she’s like I want to tell Cal that I love him and that I need him and she’s just Β a pain in the butt. Many of the action parts were not explained fully like one minute the queen is alive and the next minute she isn’t and the whole let’s film a clip telling everybody that the queen is dead part is just like reading Mockingjay all over again but overall it was better than I expected and I honestly enjoyed the whole cat and mouse chase between her and Maven ✨ don’t ask me who’s ship I’m on because I honestly don’t know although I’m leaning toward Maven now simply because he’s evil.

Which team are you on? Team Cal or Team Maven?


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