November 9

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

5/5 Stars

IMG_0914Fallon O’Neil had the life that most people envy but on November 9 two years ago something happened that changed her life forever to the worse so basically November 9 is a day that Fallon hates until she meets an aspiring novelist who’s called Ben and darn he’s cute (just putting it out there) Ben and Fallon spend some time together on November 9 but sadly they don’t get as much as time as they wish they could because Fallon has decided to move from L.A. To NYC to start a new life and to follow her dreams. The attraction between Ben and Fallon is undeniable but Fallon intends to follow an advice her mother gave her so they decided to meet on November 9 for the next 6 years and Ben thinks that their story would make a good book.

As a reader you follow their meet ups throughout those years and you learn more about them but at a certain point the lines between Fiction and Reality start to blur together to our main characters and that unravels some secrets that changes everything.

So after finishing this book I felt like my heart was broken and then stitched back together and then torn apart and then taped, I kept on smiling and laughing and crying throughout this book because the emotions in this book are just so raw and beautiful. This book truly is a work of art and I never knew that words could be that beautiful ❀️ I honestly was scared to start this book so I was like I’ll just read a page or two and suddenly I’m 100 page in and ITS LIKE CRACK (you see what I did there?) but honestly I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it ⚠️ Spoiler Alert

Do not read this if you haven’t finished the book yet, I’m warning you! So i really really really loved Ben, he’s just so amazing and I love Fallon and her sassiness. When Ian showed up I was like wait what? Isn’t he in ugly love?? And then Tate and miles show up and I just wanted to cry because this is what Colleen Hoover make me do, just cry and laugh and look like a crazy person. I loved how we get to see another side of her father and that just gave me some relief. I was expecting something to happen to Kyle but it still effected me although at the beginning we don’t know much about him at all but I can’t help loving him and I also saw the thing between Jordan and Ben coming but I was surprised that it didn’t last that long at all. Now what I was not expecting at all is what Fallon found out toward the end and that was a huge blow and the way she was scared of him was just so heart breaking and then knowing the actual story just destroyed my tiny fragile heart because I’m sure his mom would have loved Fallon. I just want more, I want another book about them πŸ’” and I want a book about Ian!


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