Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin

4/5 Stars


You know the whole time I was reading this book I kept on thinking about how it was released like almost 200 years ago and how many generations have read it and that made the whole experience more fascinating. Now let’s talk about the story, as many of you know that this story is about the 5 Bennett girls who have different characters, hobbies and looks and they’re all out in “season” that means they’re all willing to get married from the youngest who’s 15 to the oldest who I think is 24 but that’s not actually the whole purpose of the story. This book mainly follows this awesome character called Elizabeth and I’m not going to get into more details because I’ll probably spoil the whole thing 🎩 I need myself a Mr. Darcy because he’s the perfect gentlemen and I really loved Jane so much although most people are in love with Lizzie, I just feel like I understand Jane more although Lizzie is a very strong and smart character πŸ“– after finishing the book I immediately watched the movie and I fell in love with it ❀️ I watched it years ago but I didn’t get a thing and I don’t even think that I watched the whole movie but now I’m just obsessed with how amazing and perfect everything is in this movie πŸ“½ can we just talk about how President snow is Mr. Bennet? And what’s even more shocking is that Johanna is actually Lydia


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