How to Make Old Faded Papers

I love to have a theme when I’m taking a picture and i love historical things so i really enjoy taking historical themed pictures. Now when you are taking a historical themed picture old faded papers add something to it and I’m going to teach you how to make old-looking-faded-papers .

IMG_1031 2.JPG

The things that you will need are:

  • Papers .. any type of papers that you want
  • Instant Coffee
  • Hot Water
  • Paper Towels
  • Baking Tray
  • Lighter (optional)

FullSizeRender 24 FullSizeRender 21.jpg

First thing you need to do is to add your instant coffee to the hot water, you don’t need any kind of measurement for this and you can also use your “leftover” coffee and get the same result. The reason you need to use hot water is because you want the coffee crystals to completely dissolve but you can also use a bit of hot water and then add some cool water afterward if you’re afraid of burning yourself. Don’t forget to save some of your instant coffee crystals for later.

FullSizeRender 22.jpgDSC_0149.JPG

The next step is to dip your paper towel in the coffee and then dap the paper. This process can take a while because you need to drench the paper completely and you also need to let out any air bubbles that formed underneath the paper by pressing on those with the paper towel you’re using or simply by using your fingers.

FullSizeRender 23.jpg

This is what your papers are going to like after finishing the second step.


Now you add the rest of your coffee crystals randomly on top of your paper and press on it with you paper towel so those crystals would also dissolve. The reason why i do this is to give the paper some dark spots that old papers usually have. This step is actually optional but i really like the way the papers turn out after doing this step.


As you can see i didn’t really melt all of the coffee crystals because honestly i didn’t have the time to do that and they turned out fine… i think.


Afterwards, you put the papers in the oven on low heat for about 6-7 minutes. Some ovens work faster and some work slower but you can always know that your papers are done when they are completely dry.

DSC_0157.JPG and BAAAAAAAAAAM you have your old looking papers.


Now if you’re going all out on this one, you might as well start burning parts of the paper. Please be careful while doing that, I’m sure firefighters wouldn’t be pleased with the fact that you burned the whole house down because you’re making “old faded papers”.


So i wanted to darken a spot in the middle of the paper and i ended up burning the a large portion of this paper 😂 Just don’t do that and learn from my mistake.

FullSizeRender 25.jpg

And that’s the final result 📜 I hope that you guys enjoy that and if you ever make one of those papers just let me know because I’m dying to see how yours turn out!


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