Map of Fates

Map of Fates By Maggie Hall

5/5 Stars


Let’s be honest here, squeals usually are dull and less interesting than first books which is why I was so afraid of starting this book but I am more than pleased to announce that the second book is just as good (if not even better) than the first book. I was so hooked from the very beginning, I couldn’t even fathom how creative and awesome this series can get and I’m still speechless

In the second book of the conspiracy of us series we get to meet many new characters, explore more countries and learn more secrets πŸ— there are some shocking plot twists and there are some heartwarming parts that will have you swooning.

I loved this book to the point where I want to bottle up all that I’m feeling right now and reopen this bottle right before I start the last book πŸ’” I honestly can’t wait a whole year for the third book, the thought of that is killing me but we can’t do anything about that but wait .. I’m also determine to reread the whole series next year and it’s so weird that I’m looking forward to that when I just finished the series

BTW the reason I read this book as an ebook is because I just couldn’t wait for my physical copy to arrive πŸ˜…


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