The Fill-in Boyfriend

The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West

5/5 Stars


To say that I was expecting this book to be this good is an understatement, I’ve never thought I’d say this but this book is even better than I was expecting, I think mostly because I enjoy books like that. Youย know those cute scenarios that u make up in your mind and then you’re like I want that in a book well this book was filled with those. It’s a bit predictable but it’s a fun book and honestly I don’t think that effected it in any way. I love Kasie west and now I love her even more and I can’t wait for her to write another book. the characters in the book are just lovable and somehow I felt like I’m in a similar position to Gia’s situation with her friends and somehow that made me connect with the book even more. Hayden is one of my favorite (if not THEE favorite) fictional boy character, he’s just adorable and geeky and that’s so beautiful.
Here’s the spoilery section guys so watch out!
At the beginning Bradley seemed like a genuinely nice person which made me think that he’ll come back in her life in a way that would demand a love triangle but then she started saying about how she haven’t met his friends and he haven’t met her friends which made it seem like she’s his dirty secret, honestly I don’t give a damn about Bradley he wasn’t that important to me at all.
Jules is exactly like someone I know so I loathed her with all my heart, I get it that she’s going through some stuff with her mom but that doesn’t make it okay to act like this, she’s just way to possessive of Claire and she needs to chill, I just don’t get how Claire can’t see right through her, Gia has been her best friends for years she should have known better, she can’t simply throw all of that away because of a stupid mistake, I don’t get it honestly because I don’t think that what Gia did is huge or unforgivable specially with her reasons, Bec is just awesome and I love her relationship with Hayden and honestly I love her whole family, it’s true that sometimes Bec can get on your nerve but she’s just honest and gia needs that because she’s absolutely clueless, and I love how her friendship revolved with Gia it’s just adorable.
Hayden Hayden Hayden, can I have him for life? He’s just Perfect, so easy going and fun. I love how he takes his acting seriously and how polite he’s, and everytime he’s like trying to make “Eva” jealous by touching Gia my heart melts, I love the whole let’s make her jealous part because it wasn’t all an act there are parts where they did it because they wanted to, and I love how he offered to take her to the banquet, I won’t be able to stop talking about him lol.
Drew is a douche till the end, I know that they somehow made up and all of that but I still feel like what he did is going to effect Gia forever specially since he is her brother.
Well I’d love to go on and on and on but I really have to study because my finals starts on Tuesday and I’m super nervous.
If you have read the fill in boyfriend tell me who’s your favorite character? And what was your favorite part?

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