March Favorites


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Are you curious enough to know about my favorite items of the month? if so then stick with me and if you don’t then .. well i wasn’t prepared for this part.


Let’s start with my favorite song of the month which is Arsonist’s Lullabye by Hozier. So i first heard this song in one of the episodes of the walking dead and i got HOOOOOOKED. It’s creepy, hunting and beautiful and when i listen to it a certain fictional character pops up in my mind and that’s when you know that this song is good.

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I got those two masks from lush to try out and i really loved both of them. The first one is the “Cupcake” mask and it’s for oily skin and spotty skin, it calms your skin and it’s supposed to smell like chocolate and mint but i feel like it smells like chocolate and roses so i do recommend you sniffing it before getting it because you wouldn’t want to put something on your face that you don’t like the smell of specially that the scent kind of lingers on your face for a long time.

The second mask is “Don’t look at Me” mask and its for all types of skins. It exfoliate, moisturize and brighten face. Its made of lemon juice and ground rice and when you wash it off the ground rice scrubs away your dry skin. I love the smell of it and it’s fun to put it on because your whole face turns blue.

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So i haven’t had the legit time to watch any tv shows this month. However i got like a couple of hours every now and then and i watched some real-life shows(?). It’s just easier to watch those kind of shows when you’re busy because you don’t have to really “get” into it, you can watch it while doing your home works or cleaning your room and you won’t miss out on anything.

So i kept on watching dance moms every weekend simply because i love dancing and choreography and I’ve been watching it since it begun so it’s really hard to stop plus nobody can say no to the free drama and craziness that comes with this show.

The Voice, when they announced that Christiana Aguilera is going to be in this season i just knew that i had to watch it. Yeah i love her to the point where i’d watch a whole show just to see her in it plus i usually watch The Voice till the blind auditions end so it wasn’t that big a deal for me.

Dancing With the Stars, now i know that the stars in this season are not that great but the only reason why I’m watching it is because i feel like theres a chance that Mark can win this season because they partnered him up with a really good dancer and it’s fun to watch.

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I know what you’re thinking, what are we exactly looking at? I choose this granola as my favorite snack, it’s weird because that’s just … HEALTHY. I’m trying to eat healthy and I’m a really picky eater so i bought this granola just to see whatever i’ll be “okay” with eating something like that or not AND DAMNNNNNN i didn’t think that i’d enjoy it that much but i found myself munching on it this whole month because its yummy! and healthy! and that’s just crazy.

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My favorite drink of the month is Earl Grey Tea and I’ve been looking for a good brand and i think that that Two Leaves Tea Company is really good. The reason why i liked it more than any other brand is because the taste is so balanced, it’s not too dark or too floral it’s just perfect and it’s also organic! plus it’s in a satchel and that’s just fancy.

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Now if you know me you probably know that i am obsessed with candles and this month i kept on lighting this baby up because it’s delicious! Twue Wuv by Frostbeard Studio is a sweet scented candle that smells like a wedding cake with the real yummy frosting and not the too sugary kind but the legit frosting. So this candle is actually limited edition and i think that they will stop selling it soon so i went ahead and ordered another one because i know for sure that i’ll never get enough of this scent.

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This is weird but i love stationary and I’m obsessed with list pads because I’m always planning my day and this is the perfect to do list pad because it comes with different pages and they’re all just so cute. I got it from Paperchase but sadly i can’t find a link to it however i think that you might find it if you visit a nearby store.

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D’iris by Prada is my current favorite fragrance. It smells like baby powder and something really clean. I know it’s like weird to say that but it really does smell like a just bathed new baby born and i love scents like that.

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I’m sorry that this picture is not that clear but I’m simply showing off my FAVORITE pj of the month which has the most famous female disney villains on it and that’s just WICKED! plus it matches my cup of coffee. I got this pj from Women’s Secret and they have this whole collection of villains & princesses.

I’m also holding up my favorite book of the month which is THE CONSPIRACY OF US by Maggie Hall, if you’re interested click here to know more about the book.

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The Last thing that i want to talk about are those hair products. So I’ve been using this “Magic Elixir” and the cream next to it regularly and i can see the difference and effect it has on my hair. My hair is a bit dry so those products are hydrating my hair. First thing you need to do is put some of the oil on your scalp and message into your scalp and leave it for about 10 minutes then wash your hair like you usually do and after drying your hair with a towel you can put on some of that cream.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and found something useful in it.



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