Frostbeard Studio Candles

If you love candles and you love books then you should immediately purchase a Frostbeard candle. They have candles that are based on books/tv shows and they smell absolutely amazing.

i was hesitant the first time i purchased a Frostbeard candle because I was buying a candle that i didn’t sniff! and that’s just … new. So i decided to write a post about the candles i purchased, describing what it smells like to me and from where you can get it so you wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing a candle that you didn’t sniff. Bear in mind that i really love sweet scents.


Starting with Wizardy Buttery Drink  so have you ever wondered what Diagon alley would smell like? I’ve always imagined it smelling like this candle .. a mixture of butterscotch and brown butter (aside from some really smelly wizards) this is exactly what the candle smells like and its magically delicious! I’d give it 4/5 Stars.


Headmaster’s office candle, now although i took a picture of Albus Dumbledore i feel like this candle would suit Professor Dolores Umbridge office more. That’s because it has a hint of vanilla, tea and lemon drops and i just imagine Albus Dumbledore Office smelling like an old castle but maybe that’s just me. This candle smells so good, it’s calming and sweet in a balanced way, 4.5/5 Stars.


As you can see they also sell Soy Tarts and Sample packs and these are so good for testing out their candles and seeing which one suits your taste the most before purchasing a full size candle. I got Sherlock’s study soy tarts and they smell like leather, wood, tobacco and rain. The perfect mixtuare for an adventurous detective like Sherlock. 3/5 Stars, simply because i enjoy sweet scents and although this candle smells good it’s just not my cup of tea.


Narnia plays a huge rule in my childhood so i went a bit banana when this candle arrived. Through The Wardrobe is a candle based on Narnia and it smells like snow, apples and trees. The funny thing is every time i light this candle i actually start feeling cold because it’s MAGICAL (no i just simply light it whenever the A/C is on). it truly does feel like being in Narnia and you’re simply just waiting for Mr. Tumnus to show up so you could have a cup of tea with him, 4/5 Stars.


This is my absolute favorite candle and it’s the Hatter’s Tea Party candle. The scent of this candle is a mixtuare of sugar cookies, Earl Grey tea and a hint of something floral. I love it so much to the point where i used the whole thing within a month of purchasing it but don’t worry! i bought another one, 5/5 Stars.


We all know that you secretly love the scent of books add a hint of dust and vanilla to it and VUALAAAA you get the “Old Books” candle. It’s perfect to light up when you’re reading a classic book to create the whole authentic atmosphere. 3.5/5 Stars.

FullSizeRender 53.jpg

Le Cirque Des Rêves” is actually out of stock but i really want to talk about it because its yummy! So after reading this book i kept on trying to imagine everything in it including the smell however since I’ve never been to a circus it was really hard but after getting those soy tarts i feel like i can never imagine a circus without thinking of the soy tarts scent as the smell of the circus. It smells like caramel popcorn, chestnuts and  a whiff of bonfire, 4/5 Stars.


This candle is for all of the game of thrones fans out there, they actually have more than one candle game of thrones themed. “Winterfell” smells like a burning firewood and Scotch pine. It’s not too earthly or too sweet, it’s right in between. 4/5 Stars.



Just the name of this candle is mouthwatering so you can’t possibly imagine how amazing it smells like. “Reading at the cafe” takes you all the way to a dim lighted cafe in paris where they serve some heavenly chocolate pastries and deliciously fresh brewed coffee, 5/5 Stars.


Sassenach” is an earthly crisp scent that transports you all the way to Scotland! it smells like a herbal garden with a bit of lavender scent added to it, 4/5 Stars.


Twue Wuv” is a valentine limited edition candle that i fell in wuv with because it smells like wedding cake and frosting. I already ordered another one before they sell out because i feel like it’s one of those candle that i’ll never get bored of sniffing, 5/5 Stars.

That’s it guys, I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you decide to get one of the candles I’ve one  5% coupon that i got after ordering some candles just DM in Instagram and i’ll give it to you.


One thought on “Frostbeard Studio Candles

  1. Great overview. I was wondering what many of these smelled like. The first one I tried was Twue Wuv because it came in my Lit-Cube. To me, it smelled like baby powder. Since then, I have gotten Reading in the Cafe (LOVE!) and Timey Wimey (also very nice.) I’ll be ordering more!


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