Doon by Carey Corp & Lorie Langdon

3.5/5 Stars


So Veronica has been seeing a dashing blonde kilted dude everywhere and the weird thing is that it seems like nobody else can see him except her, now Veronica think that she’s going mad but I honestly don’t think that it’s crazy to see a dashing blonde kilted dude everywhere, I mean I do that on daily basis .. Don’t you? Okay back to the story so when Mackenna asks Veronica to spend her summer in Scotland with her she said yes to get away from all of her troubles for a couple of months. What Veronica and Mackenna didn’t know is that their time in Scotland will be full of adventures, mysteries and swoon worthy princes
This story is like a fairytale with a deep meaning, it’ll have you shrieking and squealing from all the cuteness that’s in it ❀️ it was fun to read although I feel like it was tooooo cute for me but overall I had fun reading it.


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