Frozen Tides

Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes

5/5 Stars


Why? Why must all good things come to an end? πŸ’” it’s not like the series ended I’m just dying to know more and more! From the moment I started this series I was like “omg why didn’t I read this earlier?!?” But then again I can’t imagine myself having to wait YEARS for this series. That would break me because I’m the most impatient person especially when it comes to something I love. If you haven’t picked the fourth book of the falling kingdom yet then you better have a darn good reason although I don’t think any reason could justify not picking this beauty up yet. I really can’t say anything without spoiling but it’s REALLY good and so MANY things happen in this book, you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat throughout this whole book because it’s just too exciting.
This is the part where I start spoiling so if you haven’t read this book yet then just stop reading this because I’m on a spoiling spree right now ⚠️ be warned ⚠️ i honestly don’t know from where to start .. So the moment Magnus decided to save Cleo it became pretty evident that he’s over Lucia and he’s developing more than a crush toward Cleo. I actually don’t mind them bickering all the time because whenever they do that one of them would say something that would indicate that they have feelings for each other and that’s just heavenly. However, their bickering is more like legit fighting because they also hurt each other so I stopped believing that one of them would spill the beans when they’re arguing but boy oh boy was I surprised at that end! I loved how things turned out because it was the perfect moment for something like that to happen and I honestly turned into mush from the amount of cuteness. I also liked that Magnus made me see Cleo from his point of view and that kinda helped me determine what I like and dislike about her and the other way around with viewing Magnus from Cleo’s point of view. Lucia Lucia Lucia, I kinda really dislike her but also feel sorry for her. Obliviously I dislike her for playing with Magnus feelings .. When she kissed him it was weird and different from when he kissed her but I think that’s because WE KNOW that she doesn’t really care about him THAT way plus I feel like she wasn’t in any way over Alexius. Did she really have to release Kyan? He’s basically anger from inside out but he’s the meaner version. He was useless and he killed one of my favorite characters! And yeah one more thing about Lucia .. Β I actually knew that she’s pregnant because I read the blurb of the 5th book before whilst downloading the 4th book πŸ’” stupid I know. Hopefully the whole pregnant thing will turn her back to her human self. I wanna talk about Nic because he’s a character that I didn’t really think that I’d care about but I really do care about him now! Although he can be a bit of an ass from time to time but the whole thing with Ashur broke my heart and I shipped them so hard! But I guess now Ashur is back but I’m sure something will happen. The thing about this series is that you don’t see the death of the characters coming which is good but also bad because you’re like “should I love this character or is it going to die in the next chapter?” So I really can’t predict whether my favorite characters are going to live or die. Now let’s about Jonas, he’s always been THAT character which you love but you don’t really know if you really do or don’t. He’s not mysterious but he’s also not an open book so I’m always on edge when I’m reading his chapters. Lys death shattered my heart because I thought she’d live and that she’d end up with Felix but then Kyan came in with his fire spear and killed her. I knew that Jonas felt something toward her and their love was true and extremely adorable but I didn’t feel like Jonas won’t be able to move on or anything. Amara is a soulless bitch that I wanna slap. She’s stupid, greedy and annoying. I get how she feels toward the whole women and men situation but what she did is not in any way acceptable and I think it was meant to be that way so we could how she and king Gaius fit perfectly together. Their marriage is amusing and I can’t deny that at all. Nowwwww did anybody else fall for the whole Theon and the magic seeds thing? I did and I totally freaked out but then I realized that it was a dream. Then Ashur shows up and he’s messing around with Amara and that confused even more! But apparently like said before he’s back. The whole Taran thing is scaring the hell out of me because his appearance will effect the relationship between Magnus and Cleo but maybeeee that would eventually make it even stronger.
I think that Lucia will probably end up with Jonas eventually before one of them get hurt and maybe even die (I’m sorry if that’s a bit harsh!) I just am expecting that many characters WILL die so if somehow they end up dying I won’t get hurt. Felix might also end up with Olivia because I’m running out of characters although it’d be a bit hard for him to trust another female after all.
If you read the book what are your thoughts?

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