April Unboxing

There are a couple of things that i got this month and i thought about showing you what i got and where i got them from and how much they cost.


Starting with Taryn Knight illustrations from her shop on Etsy. So i have been eyeing her illustrations for a while now and they are so pretty that i had to order a couple of them and i can’t say that i regret doing that.


I AM OBSESSED WITH NARNIA so immediately fell in love with this print! and i got the 8×10 inches size because that would look really pretty in a frame on the wall. I got it for 15 USD and i think the smaller size is only 12 USD.


I also got this for 15 USD and what i really love about this print is the expressions on their faces and the details of their clothes.


If you are a Harry Potter fan or you simply love owls you might want to check out this print out because it is so adorable! i also got the 8×10 inches for 15 USD.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that me and @Booknerderie are mug twins. Yeah, that’s a thing. You will probably also know that Annette is a super talented calligrapher as in she’s so talented that everything she does on a paper should be framed. So i’m very happy that she opened an Etsy shop and you should definitely check it out!


Beautiful, that is exactly what you’re thinking. Since Annette takes custom orders i had to get “Toska” because its a beautiful word with a beautiful meaning and now it looks even more beautiful that Annette wrote it. You can choose between the different colors and pieces that you want your quote or word written on, it can be a wooden plaque, a mug or a paper.

I also got Gryffindor House motto because i belong to Gryffindor and I’m pretty proud about that! and since i got Gryffindor House motto i had to get Gryffindor bookmark. The House motto costs 15 USD and the size is 8×10 inches and the bookmark costs 3.50 USD. If you’re not from house Gryffindor then you .. suck. No I’m kidding! unless you’re a Slytherin then no I’m not kidding. okay enough, what im trying to say that you can find all the House mottos and bookmarks no matter which house you’re from in Anette’s Etsy shop.

There are more stuff that i got, just check them out in this video if you’re interested.




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