Geek Girl: Head over Heels

Head over Heels by Holly Smale

5/5 Stars


It’s the perfect book to end the month with πŸ’– I’m totally obsessed with the Geek Girl series for many reasons. One of them is because it’s a constant reminder of why I love reading to begin with. Geek girl is fun, adorable and it fills your tummy with butterflies. I see so much of myself in Harriet Manners and I think many others do too and that’s why lots of people enjoy this series. It’s also one of those series were people from middle school, high school and all of the ages can read and it’s an easy read so if you just started reading and you want something fun and easy then I recommend this series

Head over Heels was amazing and damn I didn’t think it’d be an emotional rollercoaster 🎒 I loved everything about it! ⚠️ WARNING: MANY SPOILERS AHEAD OF YOU SO STOP READING IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THIS BOOK YET ⚠️ I want to talk about Jasper because I just love him so much! In book 3 I knew that there was something between Jasper and Harriet although they kept on bickering and fighting and at a certain point Jasper kinda shattered this vision for me but at the end of that book things started looking up again and that got me sooooo excited for book 4. In this book I didn’t know if Jasper and Harriet were going to get together because Harriet is soooo clueless and Jasper is kinda .. Blank so whenever he does something or say something I’m always trying to figure out if that’s a sign that he’s feeling something or not and then Harriet decides that He and Rin should get together and to be honest that totally confused me! I’m just really glad that they got together because they’re just SO ADORABLE!


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