Building a Fort, Unboxing and Night essentials!

Yup, that’s a pretty long title for a blog post 😂 so my summer vacation has begun! and what better way to start it than building a fort to stay in for hours, watching movies, eating snacks and reading .. trust me it’s more fun and relaxing than it sounds.


You wanna know how to build one? just watch this video where i build my fort, unbox a Noveltea April romance box and show the products i use before going to bed.


So let me tell you about this subscription box. NovelTea box is a box that was made to perfect your night in! In this box you get a novel and you can pick whether you want a YA, Fantasy/Sci-fi or a romance novel that you curl up in bed and read for the rest of the night. it also includes a beverage! i think that it’s usually tea. You also get some extra things like bath bombs, candles or soaps .. basically anything that helps to you relax and enjoy the night. The box costs $32.99 (in Canadian prices!) including the shipping if you’re in U.S. and Canada. There is international shipping too for those who don’t live in the U.S. and Canada and the prices varies from country to country. If you’re planning on subscribing then use my code “HAYA10” to get 10% off the first 3 renewals of a subscription!

📦 April Romance Box 📦IMG_2887

I was so excited when i opened this because everything looks so cute and there are red flowers petals and ugh it all looked so goooood!

  • The book of the month is BAD ROMEO by Lesia Rayven and it’s one steamy romantic novel with an ultimate hate-to-love thing going between the bad boy and the good girl. I already have this book and i enjoyed reading it so check out if you like romantic books like this.
  • There is full bag of White tea champagne cassis loose leaf tea by Designtea, sadly i can’t drink that but I’m sure there is someone out there who will love it.
  • A handcrafted bookmark that is super cute!
  • An organic soap that smells sooooooooooo good and each bar is different and it’s a tiny surpriseIMG_2884.JPG
  • The cutest tea infuser! it’s eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-stick, and dishwasher safe. I really need to name him because this guy right here is going to be my reading buddy from now on. You guys he also clips onto the side of your mug/teacup .. i know adorable!


  • And snacks to munch on while you’re reading 😍

It’s a totally unique, awesome and perfect subscription box and i really can’t wait to see what’s inside the romance May box!

🌙 Night Essentials 🌙


  • A summery pj 🍍 i know this pj needs some serious ironing but oh well .. anyway i got it from Victoria Secret but i can’t find a link to it 😞 The shirt is adorable and the straps are crossed over in the back and the shorts are super comfy and they’re so cute with pink pineapples on them and it comes with a sleeping mask.


  • My favorite face mask so far! it’s so soothing and it smells so good 🌹 it leaves my face clean and i love love love this feeling


  • I use this Rose Toner afterward because it rehydrates your face and its easy to apply plus it smells really good with the mask.


  • I love pillow mists but i have to admit that not all of them smell good. However, the smell of this pillow mist is sooooo soothing and relaxing and i think after using it a couple of times my body started to identify this scent as “okay it time to sleep” so it does really help me to sleep ☁


  • If taking a bath is your cup of tea ☕ then this bath-dunk /bubble-bar is the perfect thing for you to get because it turns your bathtub into one giant cup of tea that is filled bubbles and exotic blue cornflowers.

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