The Crown

The Crown by Kiera Cass πŸ’

3.5/5 ⭐️’s


So this is the fifth and final (I believe) book in The Selection Series which is one of my favorite series ever. It’s a really cute and exciting series with a unique idea that I totally adored πŸ’œ However not everybody is in love with this series because they feel like it’s a bit teenish and too cute for their own taste so like I always say check out the sample before getting the book.

DON’T READ THIS IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FIRST THREE BOOKS OF THE SELECTION ⚠️ The Heir and The Crown are my least favorite books in The Selection series and I think that it’s because I’m so in love with America and Maxon’s love story and I’m not ready to move on and I just feel like their love story is incomparable. The Heir and The Crown are actually good books but I think that these two books are unnecessary because it’s true that you get to learn more about Maxon and America and how they treat their children but you also learn about how difficult their and their friends life became and that’s…sad because I really love a perfect happy ending that leave your mind at peace and that’s exactly how I felt about the ending of The One but not The Crown.

Princess Eadlyn’s character developed in The Crown and she became a stronger, fiercer and smarter character but I was still expecting more tbh because last year everybody was talking about how in The Crown Eadlyn’s character is going to change dramatically. I really like who Eadlyn choose and I’ve to admit that at the beginning of the book I forgot who I was rooting for and who’s who from the suitors but that’s simply because I’m too lazy to reread The Heir anyway I was able to catch up easily after a couple of pages. I actually knew she was going to end up with this character .. Call it a helpless romantic instinct πŸ™Š I’m pretty pleased with how everything ended.


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