The Problem with Forever

The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L.Armentout β˜„

5/5 🌟’s


This book was phenomenal. I got into it without knowing anything about this book because I had feeling that it’s one of those books that makes you think about your life and the life of those who suffer similar things that the characters in those book suffered and things like that scare me … A lot for many reasons and one of them is how cruel human beings can be. The story is beautiful and deep but not in an overwhelming way. It was perfect and that says a lot since i really don’t like deep stories. I loved everything about it and the characters are just amazing, there’s a deep beautiful meaning behind it and it’s one that I’ll never take for granted. The whole set up of this book reminded me of Step Up and I adored that because I love Step Up. Rider is someone I wanna rip out of the book pages and have in my life because he’s perfectly imperfect. I totally recommend this book to everybody who enjoys Colleen Hoover books.

I feel pretty bad that my review is short (I really loved the book and I feel guilty for doing that) but I wrote one while waiting at the dentist office and somehow that got deleted 😭 anyway the reason I’m not posting much anymore is because after getting my wisdom teeth, there’s a lump that formed in my mouth (disgusting IK!) and it’s extremely painful .. My cheek looks like it’s having a baby


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