Fairyloot Classic Twist unboxing!

You live under a rock if you still haven’t heard anything about Fairyloot, that’s a fact but HEY there is no shame in that. Patrick Star lives under a rock and he’s perfectly fine .. at least for me and I’m sure once he hears about Fairyloot he is going to be their number 1 fan and same goes for you.


Fairyloot is a .. take a deep breath .. YA-UK-based-Book-Subscription-box that’s mainly focused on FANTASY! Don’t worry they include other (AWESOME!) themes as well. YES THEY DO SHIP INTERNATIONALLY.  Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Well Fairyloot is the best and most magical book subscription box. Inside the box you get a new released YA book and 4-5 other bookish items. Why do i love Fairyloot so much you’re wondering? First of all, the creator of Fairyloot is the sweetest human-being/Fairy in the world. Secondly, The books that are in their boxes are always great books. Lastly, the attention of details and efforts that are put into this box is beyond me.


I mean, look there is a beautiful quote on the box. I don’t think that i’ll ever be able to throw this box away because it’s beautiful.

FullSizeRender 89.jpg

They wrap up the book beautifully and i love how most things in the box match. Fairyloot is perfect and i can’t stop talking about that.


The theme for this month (June) is CLASSIC TWIST 🎩

You can watch my unboxing video HERE!


  • Those beautiful prints are in the box and the one on the right is actually the unboxing guide 💞  The one on the left has one of my favorite quotes of Pride and Prejudice and it was made by FAIRYLOOT! It’s beautiful and the details are seriously on point


  • I’m all about bookmarks and i am totally in love with those. This set of 3 Literary quotes of bookmarks is from Fable and Black. The bookmarks are bright, beautiful and totally bookish! exactly how i like my bookmarks to be.


  • I totally wasn’t kidding when i said that Fairyloot is the best because LOOK! They even included a candle in this month’s box. This is the Bronte’s Secret Candle and it was made by William and Joseph exclusively for Fairyloot ✨ It smells so gooooood and i want to light it up but at the same time i don’t want to use it because i want it to last till forever


  • Those beautiful Swallow Earrings are from House of Wonderland. Your ears will never go naked again especially when you’re reading a classic/historical book .. why? because i said so.


  • Chapter 5 Proud to be Bookish bracelet is a bonus item and it’s adorable! I just love it.


  • A MR.DARCY FUNKO POP! I am sure that nobody was expecting a full size Funko POP! Vinyl Figure but here it’s in its full glory 💖 Did you receive Mr. Darcy or Elizabeth Bennet?


  • And the book of the month is 🥁 Ivory and Bone by Julie Eshbaugh 🥁 and again that’s one of the reasons why i love Fairyloot so much, they are always choosing THEE perfect book! the kind of book that you are really excited to read. This book came with a SIGNED letter, a bookmark, a postcard (YES! now i can take it with me everywhere and take pictures of it without having to carry the actual book) and a SIGNED bookplate!


The June Classic Twist box was amazing and it was filled to the brim with gorgeous items 💜

FullSizeRender 87.jpg

Don’t forget to join their newsletter so you could be informed on when you can order their August box because the theme is Dark Deeds and trust me when i say you don’t want to miss out on that box and fair warning YOU BETTER GET YOURS BEFORE THEY SELL OUT! because they sell out fast.



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