Novel Tea Club June Box ❤️




NovelTea box is a Book subscription box that was made to perfect your night in! In this box you get a novel and you can pick the genre whether it’s the YA, Fantasy/Sci-fi or a romance box. it also includes a beverage! i think that it’s usually tea but it could be something els. You also get some extra things like bath bombs, candles or soaps .. basically anything that helps to you relax and enjoy the night. The box costs $32.99 (in Canadian prices!) including the shipping if you’re in U.S. and Canada. There is international shipping too for those who don’t live in the U.S. and Canada and the prices varies from country to country. If you’re planning on subscribing then use my code “HAYA10” to get 10% off the first 3 renewals of a subscription!


❤️ June Romance Box ❤️


  • The first item i picked up is the Tea-Karlas Specialties. You can drink it Hot or Cold .. it smells So good and i bet it tastes even better!
  • Tea Snails!! 🐌 These are CUTE! and they are also useful. One of my biggest pet peeve is when I’m pouring the hot water and the tea bag decides to sink in, string and all 😞 BUT NOW I’ve a Tea Snail that i can clip on the side of the cup/mug and then wrap the string around the shell and my tea bag is SAFE.
  • Speaking about Tea bags, there were some eco-friendly tea bags 🌎.



  • Coconut Macaroons from Living Lotus! These are vegan, gluten free, contains no refined sugar and they’re freshly baked in Vancouver 🇨🇦 They are healthy and SUPER DELICIOUS 😋.


  • “As You Wish” candle From The Page candle 🕯 my heart is swooning right now because i love the Princess Bride and this candle smells amazing 💜 The scent is a blend of citrus, cherry blossoms, apple and peach, so fruity and sweet .. i am obsessed! This candle is made with soy wax that’s grown in USA. It’s eco-friendly and renewable.
  • Bath Bomb from Reflex Durham 🛀🏽 It’s made from coconut oil and vitamin E to moisturize your skin!


  • And the romance book of the month is .. Held Against You by Season Vining. It seems like a really good steamy romantic book that you want to curl up in bed with for the rest of the night.

Here’s a picture of all the contents of the June Box:


I’m so pleased with everything that’s in the box and you guys i have some really important news. Novel Tea Club is looking for reps so check out this picture to know the rules and ENTER THEIR REP SEARCH because it’s SO worth it. Good Luck ♥️


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