This Savage Song

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab 🎢

5/5 🌟’s.


First things first, you should know that I haven’t read any of Victoria’s Schwab books before starting This Savage Song so yeah this book was kinda like an introduction to her writing style and I’m hooked. I loved the book … The storyline, characters and the world building was very descriptive and interesting.

It’s a dark fantasy book that follows our two main characters Kate and August in a city full of vicious monsters and a broken society. This city is divided to two parts and you get to learn about both sides because each of those two characters belong to one side of this city. Kate is a cold-hearted human being who’s trying her best to get her father’s approval. August however, is a monster and his only wish in the world is to be human. Kate and August meet up at a certain part of the book and that’s when .. Shit goes down (that’s one way of saying it).

What’s so interesting about this book is the way the monsters are described and how they function and all of that. I loved the shift between the two point of views because I’m a person who gets bored EASILY but I was not bored at all while reading this book. There isn’t much romance in this book which SHOULD sadden me because I love romance but I didn’t feel that all because this book is filled with action and magic that even a sucker for romance like me wouldn’t notice the lack of it.

If you haven’t watched Emperor’s New Clothing music video by Panic! At the Disco then I recommend that you do because somehow that helped me imagine the monsters more πŸ˜‚.


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