🌊 Summer Drinks 🌊

Long time no see! Well, i have a been a lazy slug lately so that explains everything but I WILL (yes, there’s no probably or anything of that sort) start blogging more 💪🏽. A while ago i posted a picture of a drink that i love to make and drink during summer time and i got a lot of questions about the ingredients and how it’s made so i decided to share with you the recipe for two of the yummiest easiest drinks to make in summer 🍹.


So i know that they’re not the healthiest drinks out there but i think that you can substitute some of the ingredients and make it healthier (if you want to).




  • 7up or Sprite and you can also use sparkling water instead of those.
  • Blue Lagoon syrup for the blue drink 💙.
  • Peach syrup for the orange drink 💛.
  • Coconut Water (i didn’t have any so i skipped that).
  • Some fruit slices (Lemon for the blue drink🍋, Peaches for the orange drink🍑) and some mint leaves 🌿.
  • Ice cubes.
  • Some colorful straws.


💙 Blue Drink 💙

First of all, you should fill about 1/5 of your glass with the blue lagoon syrup.

FullSizeRender 94.jpg

The reason why you should pour the syrup first is because you want the color of your drink to go from darkest blue at the bottom to the lightest/almost see-through color at the top. After that, fill your cup with ice cubes.


You can also cut some lemon slices/mint leaves and freeze them with the ice cubes. That would look prettier and it would also be less messy and faster to use. Then you pour in your coconut water and fill it in till it’s about 2/5 of your glass. Be careful when you’re pouring the coconut water, trust me you don’t want to over do that because not everybody likes the taste of coconut water .. it can be overwhelming sometimes.


Next fill up your glass with 7up/Sprite or sparkling water. Finally, add some lemon slices and mint leaves to make it prettier and more summer-y.

FullSizeRender 98.jpg


🍑 Orange Drink 🍑

You basically do the same thing (Wow, I’m so professional) but you use the Peach syrup.


The trick here is to add the peach slices and mint leaves with the ice.


Then add your coconut water and Sprite/7up (or sparkling water).

FullSizeRender 93

And voilà!!

FullSizeRender 96.jpg

Super easy, delicious and refreshing ☀️ plus they look so cute in pictures! You can also play with the ingredients and recreate it with your favorite fruits or frizzy drinks.

If you make any of those drinks please share with me your pictures and opinion .. I would love to hear what you thought about it.


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