Fairyloot’s August box unboxing 💜

You have probably heard of Fairyloot by now (if not you can check out this blog post where i explain what Fairyloot is) and you also know that their themes are AWESOME!!! So when i read that the theme for the August box is Dark Deeds i freaked out because I’m that person who is constantly falling in love with the villain instead of the hero (unless he is a clown then I’m out) and i knew that i was gonna love it and love it i did 😈

💀 Dark Deeds 💀


Let’s all take moment to appreciate this gorgeous unboxing guide/card .. it’s hauntingly beautiful minus that spiders ofc .. unless you really like spiders 🕷



The first item is THE DARK SIDE candle that was made exclusively by Geeky Clean for this month’s box. It smells evilly delicious (Just like fruit loops) ❤️.



Moving on to this lovely evil coaster that was designed by the amazing Bookotter 🐍 As you can tell already my boy Malfoy said that and damn him and his big mouth .. you gotta love him though 💚.



Who can say no to a hot steamy shower with Rhysand? I’m pretty sure that nobody is complaining .. 🔪. The scent of this soap bar is so good to the point where it must be a illegal! I love it and i totally freaked out when i saw it in my box. You can still mange to snatch a Rhysand soap bar by Behind The Pages even if you missed out the chance of getting this box 💙.



Next we have this BEAUTIFUL coloring notebook .. it’s enchanting! I’m pretty sure you will lose yourself while gazing at the breathtaking art work in this notebook ✴️.



Mwahahahaha now my nails can look deadly too with those assassin nail decals that were made exclusively for this box by House of Wonderland  🔫.



And last but not least THIS BEAUTIFUL BOOK ❤️ Nevernight by Jay Kristoff is one of my most anticipated books of the year because this book sounds INCREDIBLE! The book came with a signed bookplate, art poster, bookmark and a very special letter from the author.

I’m genuinely so happy with this box (like always) and i can’t wait for the upcoming boxes✨


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