Meraki Candles: Anime Quarterly #1

I am obsessed with Meraki Candles, so I totally freaked out when I saw that Heather (The owner of Meraki Candles) created a quarterly anime subscription box BECAUSE I LOVE ANIME, CANDLES AND ANIME MERCH ♥️

The theme for the very first anime quarterly box was ..

🌿 Studio Ghibli 🌿


The box was packed full with amazing and useful goodies ✨


The first two items are:


I love the details of the notebook in the inside, also having blank pages is very useful for drawing and designing 🖌️ I am really happy that I got this postcard because it matches the notebook 💙


  • A gorgeous Calcifer pin from Hannah Hitchman 🔥 There were several pins sent out, which one did you get?


  • A Beautiful Arietty print by @Tjlubrano ☕


  • Yubaba’s Bath House soap from BehindthePages and the scent of this soap is AMAZING 🛀


  • The box also included a gorgeous unboxing guide and a fun leaflet with recommendations and fun facts


THE CANDLES 🕯️ The first candle is Totoro and it has a sweet pea scent that is delicious.


The second candle is Howl’s Castle From Howl’s Moving Castle. This candle has a floral scent; a mixture of kumpquat, rose, jasmine and patchouli that transports you to a magical place 🌼

Overall, I absolutely enjoyed this box and I am looking forward to the SECOND anime quarterly box which ships on July and the theme is going to be .. Yuri On Ice ❄️ The box will go on sale on the 27th at 12pm British time so watch out and DON’T forget to use my code HAYA10 to get 10% off your order ‼️


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